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Thread: How long did it take you to become "successfull trader"?

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    How long did it take you to become "successfull trader"?

    Hi, im curious what is Your story, how long did it take you to learn forex and starting trading successfully on regular basis? Do you believe in Your skills?

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    I need to learn two years before I was ready to start dealing with forex.

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    I have been trading for 6 years and only now am I starting to have some success. It takes a long time to become successful at forex.

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    woooow.. was going to sign up yesterday hmm 6 years is pretty long

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    There are always wins and losses, even professional traders have both of them. That should always be kept in mind. Practice, practice and practice will lead you to perfection.

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    Success is an ongoing progress so we cannot declare our self-successful just by few months of profits, it has to be prolonged for years and only than we will be able to fully succeed. I have been trading for 2 years with OctaFX broker and my journey has been great. Although I am yet to be completely successful but I feel it’s not too far away. I must also give credit to OctaFX because without their swap free account I would never been able to make any long term trades.

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    It will basically depend on how well a trader can manage his funds and risks in proper way. What is the basic thing is: as every trader is inimitable and has different level of expertise what one will require to achieve success may be different from others’ needs. Every trader somehow will need proper skills and knowledge which will allow him proper management of funds and risks in combination to be a winner here.

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    Well I have my own definition of success and I am not successful yet. But slowly reaching there. Hopefully will get there soon.

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    Is not that every trader has certain strengths and weaknesses. When it is the matter of becoming successful a trader requires accepting his strengths in positive manner while he requires avoiding all the weaknesses so that his strengths can be pillars for his profitable trading voyage. However, how long will it take to be a gainful trader reliant mostly on the abilities of trader to get acquaintance with the market.

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    Though making portfolio is a rare practice, experts donít miss out on this opportunity. The best way to survive in Forex is making portfolio because avoiding mistakes completely is impossible. It makes it difficult for traders to survive for long. Eurotrader offers three different types of accounts including micro, zero and hero.

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