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Thread: Make $15,000 in 30 days with liberty reserve

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    Make $15,000 in 30 days with liberty reserve

    MAKE $15,000 IN 30 DAYS WITH LIBERTY RESERVE. Though, I don't have enough worlds to convince you but bcos it worked for me I have decided to make it known to every individual the step by step of making money with your libertyreserve acct,
    spend only $10 and make thousand, its true you can turn $10 to over $5,880 or more in less or one month plus.
    At first I was not moved when I saw this email on my mail box I thought it was another form of scam or fraud later on something keep pushing me to give it a try after all its just $10 let me risk it, so i followed the instruction given to me are,
    Step 1. A libertyreserve account. If you dont have, search for liberty reserve website with google to sign up.
    Step 2. fund your acount with just $13 to be safe
    Step 3. a pc with internet connection...


    step1. login into your libertyreserve acct...or signup if you don't have one...
    Step2. fund your libertyreserve acct with at least $10 through a libertyreserve exchanger in your country, then, goto google and search for libertyreserve exchanger than put your country name E.G libertyreserve exchangher in ghana, togo, nigeria, and fund your acct
    step3. now, all you have to do is pay or send $2 through your libertyreserve acct to each of this libertyreserve acct listed below and make sure when sending your memo: should say "please put me in your Email list as you distribute"

    pay to these accts, then delete acct #1

    #1. U9000350............Delete this account after payment
    #2. U5851903.............This goes to the top, #1
    #3. U4417157..............this becomes #2
    #4. U8768440...............This becomes #3
    #5. U1341738..............this becomes #4
    (put your account here as #5)

    here is the most importnant part
    after paying the $2 to each acct, remove the first acct number on the list and move #2 to #1 and #3 to #2 and #4 to #3 and #5 to #4 and after, put your libertyreserve acct number in place of #5 spot on the list....

    Now simply copy this article to notepad or MS world, edit it as described above and than post it to about 200 online forum, message boards, etc. you can use search engines such as google. Mamma, aol, etc to search for money making message board, forum, money making message board, millionaire message board, etc, and post this entire message after edith. The more you post the more your money grows..
    This how I became my own boss, become your own boss now. Be a successful man and woman. Thanks.

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    That’s looks like very useful earning source; I did search on google about libertyreserve and got positive reviews of users. Thanks

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