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World Mining Trade, based in Western Australia, was established on 2001. We are an independent investment company who adheres mainly into development and exploration of rare earth metals (such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium), industrial minerals, and production of oil and gas and geothermal energy. We have created sustainable asset base for the benefit of men, energy, construction workers and their dependents.

For more than a decade of experience in investing in mining resources, we have learned how to produce constant daily revenue considering our strategic expertise.

As of August 2011, the company has expanded internationally and continually maximizing the capital growth through global investments in the portfolio of securities of natural resource companies. We focus on active capital management and maintain dividend reinvestment program to preserve our assets.
We predominantly provided investment opportunities through offline investment programs. As we take step on continuous improvement in terms of revenue management, we expanded this opportunity online for the benefit of every online investors around the globe and to expand our asset. With our experience and capability, we are very confident in our commitment to complete satisfaction and reasonable rate of return of all investments as per our indicated plans.

WMT Palladium Plan ( 130% after 1 day)
WMT Platinum Plan (200% after 3 days)
WMT Silver Basic Plan (300% after 5 days)
WMT Gold Basic Plan (500% after 10 days)
WMT Silver Premium Plan (800% after 20 days)
WMT Gold Premium Plan (1600% after 30 days)

Referral commission: 3%
Accept: LibertyReserve, Perfect money, Egopay, STP

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