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    Tradefort -

    TradeFort now offers free $5 no deposit bonus

    TradeFort's country of origin is Geneva, Switzerland. Currently, the primary method of payment includes: BankCard (Visa/Mastercard), Wire Transfer, Liberty Reserve and WebMoney

    TradeFort offers you most competitive and flexible trading terms at the Forex market, i.e. fixed and floating spreads starting from 0.4 pips, accounts in USD, EUR and RUR, with no minimal deposit requests to start.

    Online accounts opening
    Beneficial trading terms
    Friendly and responsive technical support
    Depositing/Withdrawing funds without commissions
    Fast Depositing/Withdrawing of funds
    Trade 24 hours, 5 days a week
    Dividends on free funds on account
    Leverage from 1:10 up to 1:500
    Convenient personal Trader’s Room
    Numerous trading products
    Free VPS – virtual private
    server for automatic trading systems

    Why did I add this broker to my list of brokers:

    Aside from free VPS and competitive spreads, Tradefort:

    offers no minimum deposit
    offers education: course for beginners, trading strategies, and advises for successful traders
    supports MT4 platform
    rewards partners in different ways and levels.
    offers cent accounts
    offers accounts in various currencies
    offers risk hedging and consulting in respect of risk management.
    is working on STP Technology through TradeFort Bridge for direct access to interbank 100% liquidity.
    offers reliable, quick, automatic orders execution.
    has the possibility of opening a swap-free account.
    gives bonus accruals for every pay-in transaction.
    is partnered with the major banks: Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Nomura, UBS, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisee. (that's 6 of the 10 banks that controls 80% of the forex market)
    and it's recent offer, $5 no deposit bonus lol...


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    Dear traders!

    We are happy to announce a unique promo campaign to increase your profits while trading on financial markets!

    Since May 9, 2014 every profitable trade will get an additional percentage of the profit earned.

    Percentage rate will vary depending on the day when the deal was closed. Below is a table of percents for a specific date.
    For example, on the 9th of May, we add and additional 1% on all closed profitable trades. From 13th to 15th of May, 3% will be additionally added. All the earned percentages will be deposited to your account immediately after the profitable trade is closed.

    -The promotion is valid until 2014/05/31
    -All dates are recorded strictly on the time zone of the terminal time, each next date begins at 00:00:00 terminal time.
    -Only accounts with a balance of 200 U.S. dollars or more (or its equivalent at the current rate in the terminal) will participate in this action. Amount of bonuses and trading results of closed deals will be included in calculation of minimal balance of 200 U.S. dollars to continue participation in this action.
    -The maximum amount of one-time percentage paid is limited to 50 U.S. dollars or equivalent
    -Total amount of percentages received for one account may not exceed 150 U.S. dollars or equivalent.
    -The accrued percents are free to withdraw without any restrictions!
    -Promotion is for all trading accounts types except “Flex Newbie Accounts” and “PRO-accounts”
    -The minimum bonus is 1 USD cent for standard accounts, and 0.01 USD cents for cent accounts
    -Company reserves the right to cancel all bonuses and the promotion action in case of fraudulent activities

    Take a ride on our Roller-Coaster and increase your profits!

    Sincerely yours, TradeFort Team.

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