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DeltaYield.Com is a private investment club established by a team of specialists in the online investment market, trading activities and investments. Based on long experience and supporting tools, DeltaYield.Com team can formulate good methods for trading gold, stock and foreign exchange, and deciding the perfect time to get into the market and decide the optimum profit.

Traditionally, smaller investors have not been able to access the financial instruments that we use. These tools have been reserved for qualified investors i.e. the extremely wealthy. With our trading model, we can make sophisticated investment tools available to everybody. If you deposit funds, your funds will be invested by us. Since we purchase assets on your behalf, you effectively have the purchasing power of a million dollar investor, resulting in a massive savings on initial charges that are passed on to you the investor, and lucrative returns. You are able to invest funds you may be saving for your retirement and get large returns, without the risk.

111 % after one day
124% after 2 days
138% after 3 days

Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, Payza
Referral Commission 5%

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