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StockIntec.com is just what it says, an international group of traders. We are not a company, we are just a group of private traders working and trading together over the Internet. We trade for many years for ourselves - mainly forex. We have an excellent track record, and some of us have a long trading history going back to the 80s. Some of us are young and energetic traders with a shorter, but excellent trading record. All of us have enough experience to make this work.

We are trying to pay great attention to the minimization of risks, which gives confidence to our customers and raises our reputation. We are aimed at obtaining the permanent positive result, which helps to get the constant profit almost without loss of funds. You have an opportunity to make sure of our specialists’ trade profitability and high level of our investment projects’ income, which is possible due to ceaseless modernization and improvement of methods and strategies of business.
Started Plan: 30% Daily for 4 days min. $10
Normal Plan: 32.5% Daily for 4 days min. $200
Vip Plan: 35% Daily for 4 days min. $1000

Payment 7 days a week
Accept LibertyReserve

7-14% referral commission
Fully automated

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