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An Overview Of The Forex Market?

FOREX - is the market where one currency is traded for another. It is one of the largest markets in the world. Average daily international foreign exchange trading volume was $4.6 trillion in August 2008 according to the BIS study.In the past, only the bigwigs in the business arena, central banks, and the larger banks in a country are the ones dominating the forex market.

Why Short Term FX?

Anyone can learn to trade but 97% fail through lack of adequate skills, knowledge and discipline required to succeed at the Forex market.

This is where Short Term FX comes in. Short Term FX have developed a new secret trading strategy that can help you start profiting from the forex market without having to struggle with the curves and hurdles required to earn profits from Forex trading yourself..

Now, with Short Term FX, our investors can start their trading experience with as little as $10 or $200 and begin to grow their money in a fast and safe manner.

DAILY Profit .6% - 4%
Investment Duration: 150 Trading Days
Minimum Investment: $1.00
Maximum investment: $60,000.00
Principal Returned: YES

WEEKLY Profit 6% - 14%
Investment Duration: 22 Weeks
Minimum Investment: $50.00
Maximum investment: $10,000.00
Principal Returned: YES

Personaized OFFER
Profit margin Variable%
Investment Duration: Negotiated
Minimum Investment: $1000.00
Maximum investment: $50,000
Principal Returned: Discussed

Accepted: Liberty Reserve, Perfect money, STP, Egopay

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