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Thread: Complete the FreebieJeebies offer and I pay you (#19 prizes received)

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    Complete the FreebieJeebies offer and I pay you (#19 prizes received)

    My experience with FreebieJeebies has been amazing. Since I introduced the site to date have been able to win prizes that never could have imagined to get, such as the PlayStation 3 Super Slim, a Garmin GPS or a smatrphone, among others. Just see the proofs that I put on the blog often to realize what we can win! (Todos os prémios que já recebi do FreebieJeebies)

    With so much proofs that I post on my blog and YouTube videos, it is natural that the interest of readers is growing, which led me to think of a way to help all people who register as my referrals.

    So I decided that I will pay the amount you have to spend to confirm your account doing an offer (Little Bid Tasty or WordWinner). That's right, with my offer you will be able to verify your FreebieJeebies account, and win your prize for free!

    I will also pay a bonus of 5€ if you complete the William Hill Live Casino offer which costs 10£ but that FreebieJeebies returns. So with my help you will confirm your account for free and still earn 5€ bonus (verified PayPal accounts only).

    How you should proceed
    To also receive your refund you should just keep in mind the following guidelines:

    - I only give back the money if you complete one of the cheapest offers available;
    - Before going ahead with the offer contact me to confirm that you are my referral;
    - I also pay $5 if you complete a free offer (credit card needed), however this only happens when I receive the prize;
    - The money is only refunded when your account is confirmed by FreebieJeebies;
    - When your account is confirmed contact me by private message, telling me the email with which you sign-up at the site (for me to confirm), and your PayPal ID;
    - Refunds are preferably made ??by PayPal, but I'm available for another type of transaction (I've helped purchasing vouchers for online games);

    These rules had to be created to prevent any attempt at fraud, because if I made the payment first would have no way to recover it if the person just wants to cheat me.

    Do not miss this opportunity sign-up, complete the offer, and contact me by PM.

    All the prizes I already received

    - 5 PlayStation 3 Slim
    - 14 PS3 games
    - 2 PS3 dualshock controllers
    - 1 PS3 Move Starter Pack
    - 2 PS3 Headsets
    - 1 smartphone Samsung Galaxy S
    - 1 GPS Garmin
    - 7 payments by PayPal worth 980,97€

    You can see all the proofs here: Todos os prémios que já recebi do FreebieJeebies

    My link:

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    ok I will test soon, there are feedback?

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