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    Neteller -

    Neteller -

    they have started in 1999
    they are offering now
    * Free instant transfers to thousands of your favourite sites
    * Lots of deposit options to fund your NETELLER account
    you can deposit with debitcards , creditcards , local bank deposits and international bank transfers
    * ATM cards for instant cash withdrawals and free point-of-sale anywhere MasterCard® is accepted
    * Online cards with one-time use numbers that can't be stolen
    * Quick online money transfers perfect for funding fantasy leagues or paying back your buddies
    they are offering vccs and they send a free master card to your home if you verify your address and it can be used as atm card
    now many casinos are using neteller as moneyprocessor
    i have no experience till now , if anyone has previous experience with it please share

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    Neteller Personal accounts dont pay any sending and receiving fees. That is what i appreciate and like on Neteller. New members need to veriffy their accounts by uploading scanned copy of document like identity card or drivers license. I got veriffied in 2 hours after sending an email. Non veriffied members can topup account by maximum $150 and can transfer maximum $100 to another neteller account.

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    Now they have increased their limit. Also neteller does not give cards to many countries.

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