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Diverse Money Corp is a private investment firm that offers a unique money making strategy for serious clients. Funds are always equally allocated and diversified into 4 separate investment groups to minimize risk in each associated investment market.

Oil Trading
Gold Trading
Foreign Currency Trading
Stock Market Trading

Each investment group is assigned 2 professional traders that manage each investment market for the fund which adds an extra layer of minimizing risk. All clients' investments are also secured and backed by company reserves to assure timely payments.

Maximum Security of Funds

Diverse Money Corp has decided to go with the most tradition but yet most secured method of investor money protection. We have chosen to discard any use of website scripts for member back end areas. Scripts at many times can be unreliable and even introduce potential threats to the system. We simply prefer to focus our time on generating profits for our clients instead of programming issues.

All investments must be made manually directly from your Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money account to ours. You can be assured that there will never be delays in payments regardless if our website is up or down. There will simply be no excuse and you can be assured that you will never miss a payment from Diverse Money Corp regardless if our website is up or down for any reason.

Variable: Daily interest for 20 business days
Fixed: 35% fixed interest after 20 business days
Principal returned for both plans

Minimum Investment: $25 USD
Maximum Investment: $25,000 USD

Accept : LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney

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