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Our company was founded in 2012 by team of investment and financial professionals
from Southeast Asia, German,UK and USA brought together accomplished professionals from around
the world, each with an important role to play. Fundlife specializes on investments in
small to medium private and public companies and start-ups having strong growth potential
where we will be able to create value in the invested company, combining global know-how
with a deep understanding of the environments in which it operates.

Starter plan: 110% 1 dayMinimum: $10 Maximum: $100 Total Return: 110%
Advanced plan: 150% 3 day Minimum: $100 Maximum: $1,000 Total Return: 150%
Expert plan: 200% 5 day Minimum: $1000 Maximum: $10000 Total Return: 200%

4% referral commission
Accept: Perfect Money,EgoPay

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