Hi there, i have seen interesting video tutorial at MakeMoneyFromBinaryOptions.com and it catched me so i signed an trading account at AnyOption.com. AnyOption is some broker which allows you to trade options (currencies, indexes,commodities.. not all but some) using their web interface, quite easy and convenient way.

How to trade binary options with AnyOption.com?
1 Choose an asset and expiry time for your binary option from the dropdown menu
2 Select Call option if you think that the price will be above the current level at the expiry time
Select Put option if you think that the price will be below the current level at the expiry time
3 Enter the amount of money that you want to invest in your binary option
4 Make 65-71% profit if your prediction is correct (your binary option expired in the money). Even if your option expires out of the money you will get a 15% refund

if You add 15% to 71%, it is still 86% so, there is 14% higher chance that you will loose than win... BUT not if you make good strategy to predict future price..

Im just now working on some strategy, sligtly modiffied from MakeMoneyFromBinaryOptions.com so it works more accuratelly and safelly and you dont need to use risky Martingale.. I will update there with more infos. Subscribe

MY AnyOption.com REVIEW & STORY: So far, online chat and email support is quick and helpfull.. Trading does not have any problems so far.
Im trading third day with Anyoption. And to the second day i tripled my account balance from 70usd to 310usd, then at April 16, 2012, i have requested first withdrawal via credit card, in every month You have 1 free withdrawal, another withdrawals in same month are charged 30USD each! You need to provide scanned documents on withdrawal, they asked me on email, i provided them and they approved it notiffying me. At April 18, money was credited to my bank account (via credit card)! So i can recommend AnyOption. They paid me.
Third day i lost from 200usd to 70usd many trades. Fourth day it zik zak, im using same strategy i believe. At this point i think that Binary Options are more risky than standard MetaTrader forex trading. Why? Less options and manageability of trade. In metatrader you can better handle all trades and stay in trade longer.
Fifth Day - withdrawal is on its way, im still loosing. im both trying to use my technical analysis knowlege and going with trend strategy but dont works. So far, after around 5 trading days, i experienced one 6 looses in row and one 7 loosing trades in row, so be carefull doing martingale, i dont recommend it unless you have tens of thousands dollars to bet.. its all on your risk. Today after 5 trading days with Anyoption my conclusion about AnyOption binary options trading is, go for real MetaTrader broker account. Its more fun and you have better chance to win and play!!
After several weeks and like 10 trading days: I finally lost remaining balance (not intended to) so i asked for widthdrawal of remaining 14USD to my credit card. Conclusion: Game with Anyoption if you have some fun, but ofcourse spend ONLY money that you know you will be OK when you loose them. If you come to play with this stance, you wont be sorry when you loose everything

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It has negative reviews at ForexPeaceArmy.com

Guide how to trade binary options using AnyOption.com (you practice it on Your own risk, i do not guarantee this will wok) I DONT RECOMMEND THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE TENS OF THOUSANDS USD, AND EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE AND WANT TO SPEND, I DONT RECOMMEND IT YOU SPEND ONLY WHAT YOU CAN LOOSE WITH PEACE OF MIND:
See my screenshots (preparing them). There are circumstances only on which you can open trade:
1. Open trade only if there is enough steady trend as seen on screenshots and there is low probability of trend changing (no support, resistance)
2. Open trade only in last 0-3 minutes untill bidding is closed (you lower chance that trend will change).
3. If conditions are not perfect, do not trade, you will love AnyOption - its addictive but probably you cant trade every 15 minutes, because trend is not always ideal (self-control)
4. Do not open more trades at a time
5. Bet always small amount, like steady $25 bets (i dont recommend martingale, 6 consequent looses makes you invest: 25,50,100,200,400,800,1600USD)
6. When You loose: a) relax and learn why you lost, b) dont try to earn money back quickly
7. When You win, learn why and dont get overexited, maintain your style
  • The content of this webpage does not guarantee that the methods brought here will guarantee you a profit of any kind and you may sustain a loss of your entire initial funds deposited.
  • Trading of Binary Options requires a level of experience and can be very risky. Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.