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OdoFx Investments Financial Services Ltd (odofx.com) was founded in 2007 by a group of inspired financial professionals, building on their long experience in the financial markets.We are one of the leading international companies competing in the forex markets. The OdoFx Investment Fund used to invest in real estate in the earlier times, when the number of investors grown, we decided to open for other investment markets as well as online investments too, and gradually evolved into an online financial company that trades foreign currency,gold, stocks.This online investment fund now gives the possibility to a wider range of investors from all over the world to be the part of our earnings, by starting from an investment as low as $10. For start OdoFx provides to its online investors an easily achievable daily return rate from 1.9% upto 3.5% (not including the returned principals)

Plan Name Deposit Range ($) Daily Profit (%)
Virtax Fund 10-1000 1.9
Rovasion fund 1001-2000 2.1
Orston fund 2001-3000 2.4
Grand fund 3001-5000 2.7
Rostron fund 5001-10000 3.1
Vorston fund 10001-25000 3.5

Accepts: Liberty reserve, PerfectMoney, STP, Egopay

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